Tempo objects above empty bars

Hello, I couldn’t find an answer for this one anywhere…
I’ve got a score with a rall. marking at the end. When I go to the parts, I still find rall. marked over, say, the tpt part, altho the tpt isn’t playing. How can I remove such unnecessary tempo marks? There’s no hide option…

To most people these sorts of markings are “essential” rather than “unnecessary”. I guess you could drag them off the page in Engrave mode, or you could fiddle with your Tacet settings within Layout Options (or is it Engraving Options), which might solve the problem where ritardandi are close to the end of a Flow.

Thanks. Maybe the tpt needs to know that everyone else is slowing down after he has finished playing :slight_smile:

He certainly does. Otherwise, he would already be heading for the bar while the rest of the band were still playing the rallentando :laughing:

But seriously, doesn’t “Tacet al fine” in the part automatically hide this sort of thing? If not, that sounds like a bug to me.

No, it doesn’t. I had brought up this request before and Daniel said they’d consider it.