Why? Even with audio imported from one Cubase project to another with the same tempo and with WAVs exported with tempo stamps does the imported audio tempo always default to this same weird tempo?
In this case it is actually a copy of the same project. This should not be happening.

Cubase doesn’t always correctly figure out tempo. This seems to occur most often when importing or loop recording. In the Project that recorded this audio, does that have the correct tempo?

You can change it to the tempo it was recorded at - assuming you know. Whenever I finish a Tracking session I like to verify/correct the tempo values on the new files, while I still know what they are.

Same project, same tempo. It happens in any situation whether the WAV has a tempo timestamp or not. I’m very used to dealing with it now. I know we have to go into the Pool and reset all the tempos with any imported WAVs. But why can’t the tempo info remain intact even between 2 copies of exactly the same Cubase Project? And in any project Cubase always decides the tempo is specifically 120.xx every project, completely irrespective of the tempo of the .cpr it was exported from or imported into?
It’s not a huge problem to deal with, but baffling that Cubase can’t even communicate it’s own WAVs tempos detween it’s own projects.