Tempo of MIDI File imported to CuBase


I’ve made a backing track with Band in a Box in CuBase, I’ve also written a melody line with Dorico. The tempo of the backing track is different to the melody line that I imported as a MIDI file. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

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Are you trying to solve this problem in Dorico or Cubase?

In other words, is this a Dorico melody imported in to Cubase or the backing track imported to match a melody you have already written (or are attempting to write) in Dorico?

If the latter, is the Band-In-A-Box track being imported as a video? MIDI?

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the swift response.

I’ve used BIAB directly in CUBASE to make the chord progresions for the backing track, added another track and imported the MIDI file I’d exported from Dorico.

Hope that explains what I’ve done.

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And you say the tempo track doesn’t come along with the imported MIDI?

Thanks for getting back, I’ll pick this up tomorrow.

I’m importing the Dorico Midi file, this shows as a track in CuBase and plays at one tempo. Already in CuBase are the 5 tracks made with BIAB within CuBase, those tracks are playing at different tempo.


Further to this, the graphical representation of the different tracks was showing different lengths. I adjusted the tempo on the transport bar to 85 bpm that I’d written both tracks in at the start of the project. This reduced the size of the BIAB elements to the same length as the Dorico file, this has solved the problem.

Hopefully, this makes sense and can be shared if others have similar issue.

Thanks for your prompt responses.

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