"Tempo" parameter missing when trying to set up Midi control

Hi there,

I’m slightly new to working with midi, but so far i’ve good some good results setting up my Akai MPK Mini to control various aspects of Cubase. However, the one thing that is missing is the ability to control the tempo of cubase with one of the faders on the Keyboard. I did some research, and it seems that within the GM setup gui you should be able to assign a midi input to control the tempo by slecting Fader_XX>Transport>Device>Tempo. However, when I look for the tempo parameter, it’s missing from the list? All the other parameters are there relating to transport controls, but not tempo.

Anyone know why this is missing? It seems to literally be the only paramter missing from the various lists and categories, but it’s an important one!

Thanks a lot

I do not see Tempo in Transport in the generic remote.