tempo playback problem dorico 1 project in dorico pro 2

the projects from dorico 1 are not correct played back in dorico pro 2.
the tempo and also the tempo changes are not played back.
the hole song is played at a different tempo i didn´t use.
when i delete and write the tempo markers new then it works.
is there a problem opening a project from dorico 1?

No, in general this is not a problem that we have had reported. Can you attach a project that reproduces the problem?

Does the project have a tempo mark at the start of the score? If it doesn’t then you will need to add one. I fixed this bug just this afternoon so it’ll be in the next update.

Yes the project has a tempo mark at the beginning.
The tempo markes are not shown in the time track. maybe there is the bug.
i think the tempo in the time track is used on playback but it has not taken over the tempo marks i have set in dorico 1.

Can you attach the score here? Or a cut down version that shows the problem?