Tempo popover no-metronome option

Is there an option not to show (and therefore input) metronome markings in the choices presented in Tempo popover? Being able to select from the popover choices saves me no time if I then have turn off the metronome marking in the Properties panel.

One can simply call the Tempo popover and type in a text tempo with no danger of encountering a MM marking at all.

Thanks, @Derrek That’s what I do.

But I would like to be able to select from the list. A list pops up to save users time, and I would like to be able to do that. But I don’t because turning off the metronome markings takes more time than simply typing it all in.

Possibly some help; you may already know … When you want to reuse a tempo word, you can choose from the top section, “Used in This Flow”. And if you want nearly-the-same marking, you can choose one and modify it without affecting the previous occurrence (since this a not library-style list, but dynamically updated).

Thank you @Mark_Johnson. You mentioned “Used in this flow” when I posted about the Tempo panel. That’s a nice feature, (and would be more helpful to me if it were a cumulative list rather than tied to a particular flow), but I am trying to avoid the Tempo panel.