Tempo Problem

I’m trying to speed up a project from 110 to 130bpm. I have all of the audio tracks set to music based, but all that’s happening is that the tracks are shifting from their correct time position and there’s NO CHANGE IN TEMPO. What do I need to do to correct this?

Not being flip about this… it’s pretty easy to do, but the details are critical-- and I will make mistakes:

Page 672 in the Operation Manual pdf!

Good luck!


First: “Save as.”

Then open the pool and check the original tempo of all the files there before changing the tempo.
You might have to use the “View/Attributes” pull down to make tempo visible in the pool.
They should be set to 110 originally, if not change them.
Check the “Musical Mode” in the pool and ensure that it is checked for all files.
Then, with your tracks in Musical mode, it should work.

You could also use Media Bay to set the tempo of the original files.
I don’t do this often so maybe someone else can chime in if I’m in error here.

Thanks a lot! Your instructions were spot on. :mrgreen: