Tempo problems with MIDI parts

Hi all…

I’ve been using Cubase all my life. Maybe I’m missing something, but there is something that annoys me.

I play a frase on my keyboard in sync to the tempo. Then I want to be able to do two things:

1.) Move the part to another place in the project where the tempo has small jumps/changes in some of the bars. I would like it to play the way I played it, but in sync to the new tempi. If I do this the midi notes fall out of sync where I have the tempo changes.

2.) While using the warp tool to edit my tempo so it fits my video it’s a fantastic tool for doing tempo mapping before composing. BUT if I already have midi notes in the project I can’t use the warp tool. If I use it some place it will change my tempo, but the midi notes will come out of sync and stay in the old tempo! VERY strange since if I manually input a tempo change in my browser the midi notes change to the new tempo???

So how do I solve these two things? And is it possible at all?

Thanks all!

RE: point 1, you are using musical mode for everything including audio?


1.) Hmmm. I always thought musical mode was supposed to be the one to choose while moving midi :slight_smile: But now it works with time mode. I suppose I can put all my midi channels to time mode then. Only 300 to go… Any short cuts for this?

2.) Anyway, I tried the warp tool while having time mode on a midi track and it still doesn’t sync the midi notes. What am I doing wrong???

Musical Timebase vs Linear Timebase…
Musical… if you have a note (somewhere inside a MIDI part) that starts right on the third beat of bar #5, and you drag the Part two bars later, that note will land right on the third beat of bar #7, no matter what tempo changes there are.
Linear…If you drag that same Part two bars later, it will sound the same as it did at its original position, no matter what tempo changes there are.

The TImewarp Tool…
Use Linear Timebase (and, if I am understanding correctly in this instance, you may need to use the Timewarp tool’s sub-option “'musical events follow”, otherwise, the Timewarp Tool will simply move Cubase’s grid to line up with the events). You may also need to click, with the Timewarp tool at positions before and/or after, if you want those positions to be locked.

To add to Vic’s answer (which is as good as you’ll get) it sounds like you’re quite new to this and it can be a hard learning process to understand the different modes and what the midi and audio does when moved. There’s a few permutations to consider.
It will take you time to get a routine going so I hope that your project to video with, apparently, 300 tracks or parts is not urgently deadlined.
You could take a look at “Learn tempo from tapping” which may help a bit on short parts for you, even maybe setting a tempo map for a movie section.
I don’t know about using the Browser for tempo changes, I find it much easier to use “Ctrl + T” to get straight to the Tempo track and edit the top line there.


  1. Definitely use Musical mode for all your MIDI/Instrument tracks.

  2. There si bug, maybye. Are your tracks in the Musical mode always? Try to check them. I found, if I’m using Tempo Detection function, Cubase switch all tracks to the Linear mode itself. I reported this bug, there is no answer. Maybye, this is very similar bug with using the Timewarp Tool. Check it, please.

So I was right. Musical mode for moving midi if I want it to stick to the different tempos. It works now. For some reason it didn’t one place…

And thanks a bunch for the Warp Grid (musical events follow) tip… a stupid one to miss.

This makes my life much easier :slight_smile:

Hi Conman!

Nope, not new. Just lazy. I’m working professionaly with Cubase for many years. But then some new features come up… I don’t really look it up in the manual and then I use them without maybe knowing all the features :slight_smile:
I have an instrument template for all my samples going across my master Mac Pro and two PC slaves. So I’m happy I don’t have to switch to Linear mode on all those tracks :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your answers. It clarified everything :slight_smile:

You (and the rest except vic) were wrong. Musical mode is for audio (files).
What you are refering to is musical timebase.

Just as your username implies you are always right.

OK, you are right. Wrong terminology on my site.