Tempo Properties "Beat unit" Greyed Out

Working with tempo text and / or marking, I find the “Beat unit” in the panel at the bottom of the screen is greyed out and has no toggle so I am unable to make any changes here such as changing the beat unit from a crotchet to a dotted crotchet.

Am I missing something here?

I do know I can enter manually a custom text and show the beat marking as a compound unit but I’m just checking why I’m missing the option above.


No, you’re not missing anything: unfortunately you cannot edit that property at the moment, but we do plan to enable it in the future. For the time being you have to delete and recreate the tempo: you can type e.g. 6. = 120 for “dotted crotchet = 120”, or you can type q. = 120.

Thanks Daniel for your reply and the info.