Tempo Question

I have a client that has a hard time playing to a click on a tune that is what i call 4/4 but half time…In other words the tempo is let’s say 80 BPM in 4/4. He tends to drift, so I have found if I double the tempo to 160 he can stay with it. This becomes problematic if I want to add GA4 as all the patterns play in double time. If I then try to change the tempo back to 80 and add the GA4 patterns, the other guitars and vocals don’t line up.

Am I missing something or is there an easier way to accomplish this, with out creating a new file and importing the various tracks and physically lining them up. These are all actual instruments and vocals except for the occasional VST keyboard and the GA4 drums

I would just build a click track from a vsti. Keep the tempo the same as your project just add the other notes.

Then export it as an audio file so you are not using cpu resources.

I find a side-stick sample to work best for most drummers.

I usually create a side stick with GA4, that isn’t the problem, and there is no drummer involved. If you re-read my original post, the created click track is double time, i.e.160 bpm. When i try to add the GA4 track @ 80 BPM, everything in the project shifts, some to correct placement, others are out of sync such as vocals that were only recorded in the sections where necessary. I’m guessing the only solution is to Export each track, marker to marker and import them into a new project at the proper tempo

If it’s just 4/4 with no time sig changes you can use Metronome Settings Precount Options > Countbase 1/8. That will doubletime the metronome with no other effect.

Seems we are both misunderstanding.

Create the click track and save as an audio file from a new project.

You can then import that into your project without the need for tempo change.

I have one saved on my desktop so I can import into any new project without the need to recreate it.

That is something I did not know. Thanks Steve! :slight_smile:

Great to know for the future…my immediate problem is that we’ve decided to add drums via GA4 to the project that has acc guitars, bass, lead and H Vox. I guess my only recourse is to eport each track marker to marker and then import into a new project with the drum track…

If you switch each of your tracks to Linear Timebase instead of Musical Timebase (“clock” icon instead of “quarter-note” icon in the tracklist/Inspector for each track), you can then change the Project tempo (e.g. either double it or halve it, depending on your needs), without it affecting what the tracks actually sound like. Then switch the tracks back to Musical Timebase.

Apart from the double time metronome, is everything audio?

If so, I’d record the metronome as an audio track then just select and copy everything in one go to a new project making sure the metronome track starts before everything else and starts a known number of beats before anything else. Paste it in place in a new blank song with the BPM set to 80 and you should be OK?

Unless I also misunderstand the problem.

…and having just seen Vic’s suggestion…that’s even better.