Tempo setting lost?

Any idea why rehearsal C needs this tempo reset? For some reason it seems that the Cantabile tempo setting in the first measure of this piece gets lost at this point and sets itself to quarter=72 without this re-indication.

A Tempo doesn’t properly reset it either.

This is from a file that was created in Dorico 2.2 and got updated to 2.2.1.

Is “Very long holds” a tempo marking or a system text? If it’s a tempo marking it’ll have some metronome mark set, probably 72.

I think all tempo indications include a tempo indication by design, even if they’re just text. You should try including an explicit tempo mark to match the previous section, then hide that bit.

Also, Cantabile, fff? :wink:

That’s just the default text for that tempo.

And -

Doh! Yes, it was that “very long holds” text which was actually a tempo object.