Tempo+Signature and other tracks have disappeared

I can’t see my Tempo, Signature, Arranger or Marker tracks. I don’t have my Track List divided and they aren’t showing up in the Visibility lane. Also, when I try and Check the Input/Output or the FX Channels in the Visibility lane it won’t let me. I tried Safe Start Mode by holding Ctrl/Alt/Shift but I don’t get the Safe Start Mode dialogue, only a small ‘Choose Project’ dialogue.


It would be interesting, if you would manage the Cubase Safe Start Mode. I think, you hold the Ctrl+Alt+Shift combination down too late. Try early, please.

I managed to start Cubase in Safe Start Mode but the problem is still there. No Tempo or Arranger etc. You can see in the picture that the Add Track button is greyed out because I already have an Arranger Track. You can also see that there is no Arranger in the visibility column.


I can’t see the original Arranger track even in the track list. Can you use scroll down in the Visibility list? Isn’t it just down in the list?

It’s not there. Or the Tempo, Signature or Marker Tracks


Click to the orange button on the to of the track list. Aren’t these tasks filtered out?

That was it. Thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile: