Tempo Size On Small Staves

Feature request:

If the top staff is not 100% size, (such as a violin sonata score) the tempo marking currently appears smaller as it relative to the size of the top staff (top example). Would it be possible add an option for this (and similar items like rehearsal marks and bar numbers) to be relative to the regular 100% staff (bottom example )regardless of the size of the top staff? I can adjust everything manually, but that becomes tedious as I would need to adjust all tempo markings, bar numbers, and rehearsal marks.

Not a huge deal, just a quality of life request.

+1 I’ve run into this too.

100% yes. I’ve moved away from reduced staves for this reason.

+1 too, this is, as Dan states, a massive problem when you need reduced staves. An option to choose for the system objects to follow either the top staff size or the layout space size would solve this issue.

Workaround: create a system text style that looks like tempo text and make it’s size “absolute”. (This is the same workaround as for long tempo text vs. multirest).

Yes, of course, BassoContinuo. But this is really not Dorico-ish, hence the report. And this remark is also valid for long tempo text :wink: We’re glad that there’s this workaround, though.

I fully agree … that is why I wrote “workaround” and not “solution” :slight_smile: I wish I didn’t need all those un-Dorico-ish workarounds!

I’m probably missing something, but this is why in Engrave > Font Styles you can set e.g. ‘Immediate tempo font’ to ‘Absolute’ rather than ‘Relative’ size.

Although if you check out plate-engraved editions from Peters and Breitkopf, the tempo indications are reduced to match the small staves. As for rehearsal marks, they are only included on the Piano staff (not on the top reduced staff).

Thanks Daniel, I admit I never thought of this solution. This is why this forum is so precious, even for those of us that use Dorico for quite some time now!

True, but then these absolute font sizes are project-wide, not layout specific.

I would love an option in Layout Options—Staves and Systems to preserve all system marks when staves are reduced.

The reason I would not want to use absolute size is that the tempo mark would not update in size if I change the space size in layout options. It should still be relative in size, but to the space size set in layout options, not the size of the top staff.

I’m not sure if this is always the best solution. Look at the attached file from a Henle edition of Mozart sonatas.
Looks good, doesn’t it?


In this case, yes. Sometimes, no. Layout option…

Dan, You’re right. Ist should be an option. (And I have to admit that I took the example from Beethoven, not Mozart. In the Mozart sonatas by Henle tempo text isn‘t repeated above the piano grand staff.)

Dear Ben,
I’ve seen those scores, that is why I suggested that an option to keep the layout’s space size/top staff of the system object space size reference. This should cover our needs.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I have run into a situation in a current project where this solution doesn’t work.

I’m currently working on a chamber piece for cello and piano. In the score, I have the piano staff at 6.5mm and the cello staff at 75% size. I want full size tempo marks (relative to the 6.5mm piano staff) above the cello staff. For the cello part, I have a 7.0mm staff which I also want full size tempo marks.

Currently, there’s no way to do this (apart from manually changing the scale via the properties panel) because if I set the Immediate tempo fontsize to relative, its too small in the score because its set relative to the 75% cello staff, and if I set it to Absolute, its too big in the score because the piano staff size is smaller than 7.0mm.

Can you not set the Absolute size of the Immediate tempo font font style to (say) 10pt, so that it is smaller in a way that corresponds to the slightly reduced size of the piano staff?

I could, but that would also change the size of the tempo markings in the cello part, where the staff size is still 7.0mm. Unless there is a way to set different font sizes in the score vs parts for font styles, similar to how its possible for paragraph styles.

Ideally, I want an option to make the font sizes remain relative to the space size set in Layout options, and ignore any adjustments made by right clicking a staff and changing the staff size. Similar to how staff labels currently work. Even with a reduced staff size, the staff label is still full size.