Tempo Stretch in Audio tracks between hitpoints

Hello everyone,
I am new to Cubase (i have the free Ai version), but i am not new to Daw, i used Logic pro for sometime.
I need to solve an issue i am having with cubase:
Cubase creates “hitpoint” on audio tracks, cool, in LOGIC once this is done you can strech the tempo inside 2 hitpoints without affecting the others neither the pich, is there a way to do it in Cubase ?
In other words i would like to strech or collapse the duration of an audio track just between two hitpoints without moving the others or affecting the pitch, is there an easy way to do it ?
This is very usefull if u need to slightly correct the attack of an audio on the beat or in between the beat, while the track is played on time.

I do this all the time in 9.5 Pro, and it works exactly as you describe. Maybe AI doesn’t include this feature?