Tempo Sync can affect synchronization with existing EmVoice files

I expect in the log run this may have a benefit, as the only way to set the tempo and time signature in EmVoice vocal synthesizer is via its host application; but in the two existing songs using EmVoice I have opened, in both cases the synth vocal started late, and in one the tempo no longer was in sync (it set the correct MM but did not recognize that the quarter-note beat was dotted for 6/8).

Just a caution for the few who are using EmVoice with Dorico.

Presumably EmVoice has a feature that allows you to disable following the tempo from the host, which should restore the previous behaviour, I imagine.

Having its engine hosted in the cloud, these sorts of controls do not seem to be available. I am going through each project to correct what I can (in most cases) and redo what I cannot, but I am making audio exports of each file as I do, just to have something fixed in case.

As I said, I think in the long run the changes to Dorico’s ability to sync more closely with VSTs will be a big benefit.