Tempo Tap for Sampler/Midi-Track

Hi, I’m still learning the Features in VST live. But what I need is to have a Phrase in a Sampler- or Midi track playable with a programmable key and tap in the tempo before playing. Is it possible? Or is it possible in Halion?

You can program a tap tempo controller in “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Application”. There is also a Sampler Track available in the Tracks view (“+” button).

Thanks for your response. To be honest, that is advanced stuff. I will look into it.

I found that setting and now there is one note there for it saved. But I have some Problems with that Sample Editor. I cannot Play the Sample on my Keyboard (it is set as input in the track view) …but also not in internal Piano roll. In the manual 1.2 is nothing in detail . Any hints ? Thanks

… when you want to send MIDI Data of your Keyboard to the Sampler Track, you need to make sure, that the Monitor button (the orange one) is enabled. Is it enabled and still no sound?


… and I am very sorry for that. That’s a bug. Thank you for your finding and your report. It’s fix now and will be added to the next Update.


Thanks for the hint. I will try it soon. The bug with the Piano roll - I also didn’t find the setting for select only one note in the selected range for the Sample. Thanks.

… let us know if it is working.

… sorry, I dont understand that. Can you give me some hints?


I’m sorry about confusion. What I mean, I cannot set/select a note in the Piano roll. (or I don’t know how)… Like in the Editor example fromm the manual.

… you mean the root note? Oh, sorry. that’s bug. We’ll fix it next week,

OK - with the Monitor Button I hear the Sound.

I thought with that Tap Controller (it is assigned top one note of the Keyboard) I can control the tempo of sample. How can I do that?

… you cannot change the tempo of a sample in a Sampler Track. And you also cannot change the tempo of an audio file in an Audio Track.

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Thanks for your hints. But is this also for Midi Tracks? Or for what is that Tap Controller for ?

Tap Controller sets the Song Tempo. This changes the tempo of all synced fx, and playback events (MIDI, DMX etc), but VST Live does not support stretching or compressing audio speed yet.

OK… I have sampler plugin which takes the given tempo from the transport section. So I don’t need a track. With the learn Button the tempo is not available. I thought I could connect this to the tempo tap controller. How is that done?

Hm , can you give us some hints? Maybe a screenshot? It sounds that have activate the LEARN button :

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 15.54.24

… and then you expect what?


I would like to change tempo. Best would be a tap control… Or a knob … but with “learn” it’s not accessible…

Hi! Try set it directly/manually here under dropdown menu: “Devices / Actions and Shortcuts @ Application tab”

Set MIDI inp (where VSTL would expect TAPtpo), Ch No., etc…
Have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks… I did that… In this case a second Keyboard and I like to tap on “cis0” (or so…) It doesn’t work…