Tempo text bug

In the Dorico FB page, John McCoy discussed the strange behaviour of tempo text, especially when it’s long and over a single bar’s rest. I have unearthed something which is obviously related but seems to apply to layouts where musicians play more than one instrument (Clarinets in Bb and A for example). Tempo text of any kind can mess up the layout in rather serious, illegible ways, sometimes combining several multirests into a single long mulitrest with the rehearal marks all bunched over it, and can also scrunch the preceding measures until they are no longer legible. I have been able to fix this with system breaks in the affected layouts (clarinets 2nd flutes and three percussion layouts) but it is a rather worrying bug. I include an example of what I mean from a short ballet score I just completed. I will gladly share the score with the team if they so desire.

Also, I find that text and instrument change text collide more frequently than 1.0.3

Here’s more with a part combining solo violin and 1st violins.

And here is the fix with system breaks, note that the tempo text has now disappeared. However, it does reappear after switching layouts.
Tempo text-3.jpg

You’ll be glad to know that we have fixed this bug and it should not trouble you any further once the forthcoming minor update is available.

How could I expect any less! Thanks a bunch. Any broad estimates on the ETA, as in: a few weeks vs a few months? No pressure, it’s just to coordinate edits vs parts delivery date.

A few weeks, I hope, but the timetable is determined by the ongoing work on the graphical chord symbol editor.

Thanks Daniel, it does give me a better idea of what to do.

Cheers all!