Tempo text, how to?

I would like to add „Andante tranquillo“ as my tempo text. How do I achieve this?

Andante tranquillo.png

You can get everything you mention except for the parentheses by pressing SHIFT+T and typing Andante tranquillo q=108 .

And you can get the parenthesis by using the properties panel.
Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 2.30.01 PM.png

Thank you, that really works :slight_smile:
I had been using the preconfigured ones from the right panel and then trying to change the text…
… which of course does not work.
Glad the popover accepts my input, wish it would be true for all of them :wink:

When I type “Andante tranquillo q=108” I get “Andante tranquillo =108” …there is no note before the equal sign. What a I doing wrong?

Are you typing shift-T first, to create the tempo popover? That has worked for me very well. There may also be something in the properties panel at the bottom of the screen, but I don’t know why the quarter note would not be there.

Yes, I did type Shift-T first.

Weird! Maybe try it in a new score?

Just tried it - Same thing happened in a new score too.

It might be worth it to send your example file to Daniel, or post to this thread - I don’t know why your quarter note doesn’t appear.

Have you (or has an imported file) changed the font for tempo designations?

I don’t believe so. What is the font supposed to be? I can check that too.

I currently have:
“Metronome Music Text Font” = Bravura Text
“Metronome Text Font” = Academico

Here’s what it looks like on screen

You can also type e.g. 6=108 where 6 is quarter note, 5 is eighth etc. I presume that doesn’t make any difference? If you just type Andante and then use the properties panel to turn on ‘Metronome mark shown’ does that make any difference?

FYI you can then edit the text in the properties panel to say anything you like at this point.

Tried the suggestion John, but it didn’t change the result. Also, the metronome mark shown checkbox only shows or hides the “= 100” part. BTW I am on Windows 10 with Dorico 1.0.2

Can you do a quick example and email me the file? j.barron@steinberg.de

Thanks John, have sent it across.

I suspect you’ve somehow managed to save the wrong font as the default on your system. Could you zip up the contents of %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico and attach it here? After you’ve done that, you should find that if you delete the file from that folder called userlibrary.xml and then start a new project, you’ll find that the notes in metronome marks in that new project appear correctly.

Hi Daniel, attached is the zip file. There is no file present there named userlibrary.xml to delete (I will search my HD to see if it is anywhere else). In that folder I have:



C:\Users\Ed\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico\Script plug-ins\

2098.zip (309 KB)