Tempo text not exported in pdf

Hi all,

when exporting from the inbuilt pdf engine, some tempo texts didn’t export. E.g. grafik exports without the tempo. Exporting using acrobat works fine.
Besides that, everything else seems to work fine.

I didn’t find any documentation in the forum for such issues, and didn’t noticed myself any other problems.
W10, with default fonts (file imported from xml).


Just to confirm, did you use the Export—Graphic—PDF function instead of printing to PDF?

You’re saying export graphic to PDF rendered incorrectly, but “printing” to Acrobat was correct?

What font is that? The “Andante” but didn’t export? Or the metronome mark as well?

Can you post the file here?

Make sure that the specific font and weight that you are using for your tempos is actually installed on your computer. Windows will synthesise (say) a bold or italic version of a font for the screen if you request it, but when exporting to PDF, Dorico can only include text that is in a real font style that is installed on your computer. Unfortunately Windows will always synthesise bold, italic and bold italic versions of every font you install, and there’s no way for Dorico to detect that this has happened, because Windows simply tells Dorico, “yes, that font is there!”.

So the advice is to take care only to request a specific style that definitely exists on your system as a real font.

The problematic version was with export-graphic-pdf, yes. The whole object wasn’t visible.

It was the default font, as the project consisted only of an xml import. Also, only 2 tempi in 200 pages disappeard, the others were ok.

Funnily, I also noted once or twice the same happening on screen, but a change between display modes makes it appear again.

There is something there that is not factory default. I don’t know whether it’s the font itself or the scaling, or something else entirely, but there is definitely a difference between your screenshot and this one (which definitely is factory defaults):

probably I changed some sizes, so that it’s readable when proofing. But the fonts weren’t changed.