Tempo Text Question - creating your own


I am copying a Beethoven piano score that uses the tempo marking “Allegro di molto e con brio”. When I try to input this as a tempo, it only shows “Allegro di”.

Is there a way to change this?


Yes, once you’ve entered what Dorico lets you enter, go to the Properties panel and update the text shown by editing the ‘Text’ property. This will be necessary much less often from 1.0.10.

Sounds great! Still getting used to the work flow… after submitting the question, it dawned on me to search in the properties panel.

I think you guys have really put together a terrific program here. Quite awesome to say the very least!


Wondering if I can create a tempo marking that doesn’t exist yet? I’m trying to add “con anima”. Thanks.

Hello SantiagoValencia - and welcome!

Yes. You can. Simply use the Tempo Popover (SHIFT+T).

Start by entering ‘Con anima’.

That won’t (necessarily) instruct Dorico to set or change the tempo.

So add the metronome mark which you want - perhaps 100 - next to ‘con anima’ in the Popover box by entering one of several indications for a crotchet/quarter note… e.g. ‘q = 100’.

That will set the tempo as wished.

Thanks Mark, I’ll give that a try. :slight_smile: