Tempo Text Question

Hello Dorico-ers,

I’m scratching my head about tempo text. I’m trying to input “Piu Mosso (q=66)” in the tempo popover per the manual, but the q=66 part just disappears, and also the bottom panel doesn’t match what I think should be there.

I made a quick video to show you what I mean. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious…?

Thank you!

I found this thread from 2 years ago, perhaps it’s helpful?

Basically, “Più mosso” is relative to the previous tempo and it seems you can’t set an explicit metronome mark without a workaround.


Maybe set più mosso and (q=66) as two separate items of tempo text, placed at slightly different rhythmic positions. In Engrave mode you can move them around to where you want them to appear.

Thank you!

And I echo the thread’s OP that pìu mosso is not a gradual tempo change :smiley:

I suppose I’ll just call it something else other than pìu mosso :rofl:

You can do this. Enter the shift-t q=66 for the metronome mark, then add piu mosso as its text property.

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I wouldn’t recommend doing this, as this can affect horizontal spacing. Best way is to add the metronome mark value you want as an immediate tempo mark, then use the Properties panel to add whatever text you want.

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Yes, I found this out when I tried it for myself some time later. Adjusting the X Start offset in Properties still produced undesirable results. Oh, well. It seemed like a good idea at the time.