Tempo text - Rhythmic Subdiv

Is it not yet possible to write tempo equation/subdivisions in Dorico?
I have an arrangement where the players need to know the feeling of the subdivisions. From equal to shuffle/swing. How do I do that in Dorico?
(I am asking because I can’t seem to find the right thing to write in the help file)
8dele til trioliseret føling

The native option is a tempo equation, but this doesn’t cover tuplets. For that, you can use a third-party text font, such as described here:

Is this something I have to install in Dorico or add in some way?

You would have to install the Metrico font on your computer.

I don’t know how to do that. :frowning:
There is no executable file in the zipfile I downloaded and there is no guide to doing this. Tried searching the web for an answer, but again I don’t know if what I search for is right. Can anybody guide me. Please!

You install Metrico the same way you install any text font. In Windows, right-click on it and “Install for all users.”
EDIT: I don’t know how to install a font on Mac, sorry…

You can also use MusGlyphs. It does this equation… Metrico is very powerful and flexible for this sort of thing and does many more equations… but MusGlyphs does other stuff too.

On Mac, you use Font Book, which is in the Applications folder (at least that’s how I do it).

Quick and dirty in MS Word:

Installation: Even from within the zipped archive, open the font file and click install. This is for Windows…


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Hmm… I think I should scale up that “3” a bit.

Dan, I also made Metrico a bit smaller point size, for better comparison, with both at same numeric size, Metrico is quite a bit bigger.
But then it only has to do one thing, while MusGlyphs is one-stop-shopping… :wink:
Metrico is actually nice and compact in this context.


For my eyes the size of the “3” in MusGlyphs is perfect.


So I’ve tried to install this font, but how does it work? How do I use it?
Haven’t been able to get it to work yet.

Can you elaborate? There are examples just above our posts to show how to input an equation… in both fonts. What is it exactly you’re trying to do and cannot do?

How it is activated? Is it just a matter of writing the equation in the tempo text caret? Cause that does not work for me?

Thanks for the elaboration ! No, unfortunately you cannot use the tempo popover. You should use system text (alt-shift-x) and choose the right font in the font editor there.

Thank you. Now it works.
Phweeew… All these workarounds. I get confused sometimes.

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Question: When using the Metrico text is it true, that it is only visible in the score and in the part, that is at the top of the score (i.e. flute or piccolo)???

Did you enter it as system text (Shift-Alt-X) or staff text (Shift-X)? Sounds like you did the latter!