Tempo Track and Logical Editor?

Hi - I have a portion of a tempo track curve that I’d like to adjust by doing something like “add 5 BPM to all points between the locators”. The tempo track curve is intentionally not flat here, it has some variation between bars.

I’ve never used the logical editor, so I thought this might be as good a time as any to learn. But going through the manual, I don’t see that “BPM” is a parameter that can be targeted - I can’t see that the Logical Editor is set up to do this.

I could do it manually, but I was looking to see if there were a “Cubase” way to do this instead. Any suggestions would be gratefully receved, thanks! :smiley:

The easiest way, is to select the Tempo events (either in the Tempo Track Editor window, or on the Tempo Track in the Project window, if you have created it), then add 5 to the value that appears in the Info Line.

The Logical Editor works only on MIDI events, and the Project Logical Editor, although it does have “Tempo” as an available condition, the action “Trim” doesn’t seem to work on it (I’ve only ever been able to get “Trim” to work on Automation events :frowning: )

OK, thanks much again, vic_france!

Just in case anyone out there might have a similar question in the future:

A way to at least approximate the “trim” function of automation editing to get this done: In the tempo track editor select all the points to be moved (draw a box around them), release the mouse, then click on any one of the points and drag up or down according to taste. All the selected points will move with the point being dragged.