Tempo track BUG: The Sample Editor display goes out of sync with the audio if you "Cut Time" or "Insert Silence" across tempo changes

If you “Cut Time” or “Insert Silence” across tempo changes, the Sample Editor tends to go out of sync with the audio. Editing mistakes can result. Here’s a short video that demonstrates the problem and suggests a work-around:


If you have time to replicate this bug, please reply with your observations.

This bug was much worse in Cubase versions 7.5 and 9.5. Since then, Steinberg has fixed some of the issues, but not all of them. The Sample Editor display still goes out of sync if you “Cut Time” or “Insert Silence” across tempo changes, as shown in the video.

Steinberg, please fix this very old bug!

Here are the steps to replicate this bug – as explained in the video:

  1. Create a long audio event
  2. Select it and set Musical Mode
  3. Create a tempo track. Activate it.
  4. Split the long audio event into several shorter audio events. I ended up with about 12 events.
  5. Create a tempo change at the start of each event. I gradually increased the tempo, and then decreased it.
  6. De-select all audio events in the timeline.
  7. With the Range Selection Tool, select a range. Be sure the selection includes both the audio track and the tempo track. I included two tempo changes in my selection.
  8. Cut Time.
  9. In the Sample Editor, zoom out and play the entire audio. Is the display out of sync with the audio in some places?
  10. In the timeline, click on one of the audio events to select it. Repeat Step 9 and observe the sync.
  11. Next, in the timeline, undo the Cut Time operation. De-select all audio events.
  12. If the range is no longer selected, then repeat Step 7.
  13. Insert Silence.
  14. Repeat Step 9 and 10. Is the display out of sync with the audio in some places?

I’m running Windows 10, Build 19042 on the following desktop computer: Asus X299 motherboard with Intel i7-9800x Skylake processor, 64 GB RAM, Asus Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card, Corsair 850 watt power supply, Dell UHD monitor

Please consider using the format listed here to report a bug in Cubase

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I solved a similar problem of out of sync by deleting C11 preferences from my mac.
After all work fine for me

The trial lasts 30 days. Why did you only have two?

That’s kind of strange. When you look at the Elicenser Control Center what USB keys are listed, and what licenses? Can you paste an image of its entire window in a reply ?

Did you ever receive an activation code which you then entered into the elc to download a trial license?

Ha, yes I just found the email. Steinberg sent it to my old email address. The Cubase Pro 11 trial is working fine now. Thanks for your help Steve!

I would mark your reply as the solution to this problem, but the problem in my original post is still not solved. I don’t think it can be solved by users because it seems to be a bug. It needs some attention from Steinberg’s developers.


@ Tomateck
I tried deleting the Cubase 11 Preferences.xml file just now, but that did not solve the problem described in my original post.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have created a bug report on this one. Let’s see what my colleagues can find out.


Not want to hijack thread but I notice similar odd things with tempo track where it’s easier to get
1-1 ≠ 0 but more rather 0.3 :smiley:
I make that topic 3 years ago with video and attached projects, no solution nor any official response whatsoever.
More info here: