tempo track - change midi but not audio ?

greetings !

i’ve started to work on a project that was recovered from some sort of crash. some of the audio was viable, some was missing. however, the original midi tracks were still available, so i’m planning on reproducing at least some of the missing audio using vst’s.

the original piece had some ritardandi, and you can hear that in the audio tracks, but there aren’t any tempo changes in the midi tracks. what i’d like to to is use the tempo track to try to match the changes in tempo, but the problem i’m running into is that whenever i do that, the lengths of the audio tracks change too. is there any way to put in tempo changes into the song, but leave the audio tracks utterly unaffected ? i’ve tried changing the timebase on the audio tracks from ‘musical time’ to ‘absolute time’ [clicking the musical note icon in the track header], and also tried locking the audio tracks, but neither of those worked.

grateful for any ideas.

thanks !

Yes, switching from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase is correct (if there are multiple audio events on a same audio track), but you need also to go into the Audio Pool and switch off “Musical Mode” for each of the audio files.

ahaaaa ! thanks, i will try that this weekend. :slight_smile: