Tempo track changes

Hi everybody,
I created a tempo track using a blend of tempo detection and time warp on a freely recorded guitar comping; I initially set a 6/4 basic signature with some 2/4 bars here and there but I realized I’d better setting 3/4 instead of 6/4…
If I try to change the tempo from 6/4 to 3/4, clicking on the signature labels in the tempo track, Cubase move all the other bars labels and I end up with a big mess :-/
Is there a way to do the signature change or I need to restart from scratch?
I attach a screenshot of the project window
Thank you,


The Time Signature is glued to the Bars. So if you change the 6/4 to 3/4 you get 1 bar instead of 2. So you would need to select all the following Time Signatures and move them 1 Bar right.

Thank you Martin,
next time I’ll plan it better!