Tempo track: converting jumped curve to ramped


  1. There is an audiofile (simple melody with accelerated tempo).
  2. I am create miditrack and record tempo taping
  3. I am set both tracks to time linear mode
  4. I am select taped track and in menu Midi/Functions select “Merge Tempo from Tapping”. Now tempo track have jumped curve and click is matches to source audiofile.

But I want no jumped, but ramped curve. Is it possible to convert jumped curve to ramped one without lost sync between click and source audiofile? If I select all dots in Tempo track and change jump to ramp in info-line, click no follow source audiofile…

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So you want to set the new tempo (which you tapped before), and “overwrite” the tempo map (curve), right?

In this case, you can switch the Tempo Track off, and set the Static tempo (equal the value, you tapped). Or you can right-click to the Tempo track, select all events, delete them, and set the tapped tempo here.

No! A static tempo is no variant for a classic music - I want to smooth a tempo curve to ramped line (see picture)

I see.

So you want to make the curve smooth, right?

Open an Info Line of the Project Window (Shift + F2 to open Windows Setup Layout). Then select all Tempo events, and click to the relevant field in the Info view to switch between Jump or Ramp.

I did it before post my question in this topic - as result, all Tempo events are shifted, but general issue - result tempo and original audiofile are mismatch - is it a bug?

Well, I think if you change something in a tempo track, you may lose the sync from the audio.


I would say it’s not a bug, the tempo is different, when you use dots + jumps or ramps.

Are you mean, that jumped segment of curve not equal to same (but ramped) segment?

but why? (this question is more to developers) it is no usefull…

Because of math.

Bar 1 = 100 BPM; Bar 10 = 200 BPM. If you set Jump, the average tempo from bar 1 to bar 10 is 110 BPM.

Same situation. If you set Ramp, the average tempo if the same piece is 150 BPM.

Yes, understood… But, as I think, hypothetically there is manner to calculate identically ramped curve instead jumped curve? I believe that this task is more for the computer than for the human


Open Tempo Editor. In the Toolbar, click to the Open Process Tempo Dialog. You can set it here.

I did it before previous my post. As result, overall time of original music and processed tempotrack file is same, but tempo between - different, two rendered audiofiles are mismatch…

What we need is time warp and the other tempo functions to work with ramped tempos!! Something that Cubase has never done, but I’d certainly find it very useful. Perhaps a feature that will be in V9??

You could add extra points between yourself, but still only jump type points. At least though you can then reduce the size of the steps and make the tempo steps smoother. For example, for a smoother tempo change I put a tempo change on every beat rather than every bar, or every 1/8th, etc. I’d use the Time Warp for that.


Hi, I am rekindling this thread.

I’ve noticed there appears to be a bug:
If you change the tempo points from “Jump” to “Ramp,” the tempo events all move from their original positions.

I realize that the ramping would alter the position of the beat grid between the tempo events. But the tempo events themselves, (which you have tediously corrected to align with transients using Time Warp tool,) should remain exactly where you put them.

What is more: If you change the tempo points from Jump to Ramp, and then back to Jump again, the tempo events all slide forward by several milliseconds in time. They don’t return to their original set positions.

Has anyone else experienced this? It seems that if you want your tempo events to be super accurate to the transients, then you can’t Ramp them. That’s unfortunate because in most cases you’d want the tempo changes between the tempo events to be gradual, but without the tempo events themselves moving out of position.


Do you mean the other Tempo changes nodes?

Is your Ruler Time or Bars & Beats. If your Ruler is Time, then it’s right. It must to jump, because the time really changes.

If I switch Jump-Ramp, and then back, I get the same value. Maybe in your case, there is a round error.