Tempo track - cubase elements

Hello, I’ve recently purchased Cubase 12 Elements. I’m trying to add Tempo Track on the timeline but it is not possible. Is it because it’s Elements? I can’t believe this feature not present in this version. (Using tempo track in a separate window it is absolutely non convenient).

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A tempo track like in the higher versions is not available in Elements, you have to use the tempo editor, accessible via the project menu.

Elements costs much less than Cubase Pro, so it’s not so incredible that it would have fewer features.

The editor does give you control over tempo changes, it’s only the presentation of the data as a track in the project view that Elements is missing, in this regard.

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At this point they could simply remove it from Elements :face_with_monocle:
(or make the Tempo Track available…)

IT IS ! Click right there on the transport bar and uncheck ‘‘Locators’’ and you’ll see the tempo track there !

I found a solution for this issue…

select some compass in your project, then change the tempo/time signature.
Go to Edit - Interval - cut tempo (CTRL + SHIFT + X)
Then return your project to the main tempo/time signature and paste the interval you copyed…