Tempo track - cubase elements

Hello, I’ve recently purchased Cubase 12 Elements. I’m trying to add Tempo Track on the timeline but it is not possible. Is it because it’s Elements? I can’t believe this feature not present in this version. (Using tempo track in a separate window it is absolutely non convenient).

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A tempo track like in the higher versions is not available in Elements, you have to use the tempo editor, accessible via the project menu.

Elements costs much less than Cubase Pro, so it’s not so incredible that it would have fewer features.

The editor does give you control over tempo changes, it’s only the presentation of the data as a track in the project view that Elements is missing, in this regard.

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At this point they could simply remove it from Elements :face_with_monocle:
(or make the Tempo Track available…)

IT IS ! Click right there on the transport bar and uncheck ‘‘Locators’’ and you’ll see the tempo track there !

I found a solution for this issue…

select some compass in your project, then change the tempo/time signature.
Go to Edit - Interval - cut tempo (CTRL + SHIFT + X)
Then return your project to the main tempo/time signature and paste the interval you copyed…

Hi there!

Is there a way to export the tempo/time signature track in Cubase Elements LE AI Elements?

I’ve done it several times in the past with older versions, but this one doesn´t seem to allow it.


Logic Pro is $200… far less than the cost of migrating from Cubase Elements to Cubase Pro. Guess which ‘buy’ button I’m pressing next?

This one? :grin:

Already got one. Logic Pro. :grinning:

Then you’re all set.

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Seems to me Cubase’s $249 Artist should have what Apple’s $200 program has.

As it is , I saved $350 but Steinberg lost a $450 upgrade sale (theoretically).

But if Artist had this capability I would happily have gone from Elements 11 to Artist 12. This is the same money I wound up spending, and Steinberg loses a would-be no-brainer $200 sale.

It difficult to really compare the price since one product requires that you own a computer made by Apple, and the other doesn’t.

Since, as you said, you own a Mac Pro at a cost of few thousands of dollars, you’ve paid for access to some of their other offerings. That’s kind of an Apple feature – they add value to their computer products by discounting other products they own. It’s also worthy of note that Logic was available on both platforms prior to Apple’s purchase of Emagic, lo those many years ago.

Also, from what you’re saying, it’s seems like you’re not really completely happy using Logic, considering you’re still thinking about the grass on the other side of the fence.

Logic is on the other side of the fence. :laughing: I really like and prefer Cubase - i’ll just process the midi in Logic and finish as I always do in Cubase where all my other layers are. (I don’t work in MIDI but for one VST - my product is a score so a program that hosts notation-capable VSTs is the key to my workflow.)

I bought a piece of PreSonus equipment and it came with Studio One Artist… and dang if it wasn’t totally familiar. No wonder, the same UI designer as Cubase! And for the price of free I acquired another DAW that handles the tempo track, and presents me a learning curve with a slope of zero.

Wouldn’t ya know? Cubase 13 Elements now reads in the tempo track.