Tempo track detetion, changes and export with new tempo

Hello guys
I have track with swimming tempo. Track is 128 BPM but in the middle of track going to 132 BPM and later back to 128 BPM at the end.
I wanted do whole track in 128 BPM. I did tempo detection and analyze. I did all with Cubase tutorial video on youtube later.
But after export with changes track still has swimming tempo. I did test 1st with few bars manualy and export, and another question is there some tool to can mark whole track and tempo will be setup automaticly for whole track before export ? I dont want make manualy 600 bars to setup tempo.

Maybe you want to use the time warp tool.

and then use the set Definition from Tempo Dialog

To save time, maybe you want to sync downbeat on every bar. Make sure all hit points are detected.