Tempo Track Editing?

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to do this! I have a song where I used Tempo Detection to map out the click…and it worked. However…I’m have a band record to it and the guitarist needs to jump in on the VERY first beat to start his playing. Sooo, I need to give him at least a 4 count of click to jump in, right? Well, tempo detection works fine where the audio file is. But not the measure BEFORE the audio file starts. There are tempo nodes, but not correct. My questions are:

A. How do you edit these clicks BEFORE the song starts so the 4 count count-in is correct as the first bars of the song? So the guitarist can feel the correct tempo to jump in with??

B. How do you do these edits without disturbing any one the audio tracks that are already laid down?? I put them on “Musical Mode”, is this not correct? The events seem to stay in place…but I can see the waveforms being moved left and right as I try to adjust the tempo track nodes to correct the measure before the song starts! ugh…

I get that the warp tool is a way to adjust tempo points if they are not where they should be, but I don’t want to mess up any of the audio tracks I’ve recorded already.

Thanks in advance!
See pic attached

You want those audio tracks in absolute time. You don’t want them to adjust to the detected tempo in musical mode, since they are the source of that tempo to begin with.

So you’re saying the tracks should be in “Linear” time base? Not Musical?

Yes, for those audio tracks. You don’t want them to adjust to tempo.

Thank you!