Tempo Track Editor (Enhancement)

Right now, editing tempo ramps and changes is very “slippery” in the tempo track editor with the pencil tool. Can we get a range tool which allows more precise selection? Why can’t it work like automation lanes? There must be a better way than using a pencil tool or pointer–it jumps around and messes up the tempo map. Thanks.


Same fo the tempo track in the project window please!


Yes, changing tempo is always a 2 or 3 steps action, changing from selection tool to pencil, going back to selection, etc…
It’s almost impossible to make it fast and accurate in one step for me.
I would prefer to make tempo changes with one new keycommand, similar to adding a marker.
Something like pressing a keycommand>open a dialog withh 2 fields, one with the position of the cursor and the other with the value of the new tempo>Enter the bpm and press intro

Maybe we need a dedicated tempo tool. Like the Range tool. Select the range, in the inspector choose Ramp or Jump. Then enter the From and To values. No pencil required.

I think the range tool would be perfect for selection and raising or lowering levels like we do in automation lanes.

Yeah. First select the range, then type in all the values in the inspector. Done. No zooming right in, creating and moving points 1/10th of a millimetre back and forth trying to get the right value.

Yes, range tool if you want to use the mouse or trackpad, and also a Shortcut if you want to use the keyboard

And can we please, please, please have the ability to chose a tempo in a beat division other than quarter notes. I often work in compound meters and hate that the tempo/Click of the compound meter don’t match the displayed tempo on Cubase>

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