Tempo Track Editor

Come on guys. I know it’s the “in thing to do”. I’ve seen this on gear. Light gray on dark gray because it “looks cool.” :nerd: TC Electronics is really good at this: light blue microfont on medium dark blue brushed aluminum. :unamused: At least you didn’t use microfont or is it that I’ve got a 27" monitor and I’m using a less than “optimal” resolution and can actually read it.

But seriously can we get a color choice for the tempo line besides slightly lighter than the dark gray background? I’d like bright blue or hot pink or something like that: something that stands out from the background. Do you know how long it took me to find the tempo line? Fortunately I knew what tempo at which I started!

Your manual shows blue! Where is the blue?

The Tempo Line will be the color that you set for the Tempo Track in the Project Window.

Thank you. :blush:

I’ve only been using the program a month. You know they say to start with a small thing, but I ended up starting with a full orchestration. Baptism by fire. So far I love the program. I shall go Hot Pink.


Vic, thanks. It did not occur to me to try that. The light color scheme I set up also allows for enough contrast, but using the track color makes it adjustable for much easier reading.

I shall look out for you in night clubs :stuck_out_tongue:.
I’m sure you’re gonna love Cubase :wink:

I ALWAYS read any post Vic makes… Guaranteed to teach you something…

You will find I have a sense of humor and will poke fun at problems. A lot of stuff I will be asking will probably be in the manual. I will be reading the manual, trust me. It will probably not be presented in a manner which clicks with my brain, that is all. It does not mean I am dumb. Far from it. I think more in abstract rather than in logic, and this will drive people nuts. I’m a M-B type ENFP. And I am nuts like most of us in the creative arts. :laughing:

Pet peeve: microfont. I can’t see it even with my reading glasses.