Tempo track export does not compute (99%)


Having an issue with Tempo track export, have searched forums.

Dorico does not complete export of Tempo track. It reaches 99% but no file is arriving in the destination folder.
Same applies incidentally to MusicXML, stating ‘Error exporting file’ in two separate pop-up dialogs one after the other.
Have tried machine (Win 10 x64) and interface (UR22C) reset to no avail.
Advice welcome, thanks in advance for your time.

Sorry to hear about this. Could it be that you have particularly exotic instrument names or filenames with diacritics, accented characters or other non-Latin characters, either in the filename or in the folder where you’re trying to export the files? What is the filename of the project, and what is the complete path where you’re trying to export the tempo track and MusicXML file?