Tempo track from external MIDI realtime clock

Hey! I know Cubase doesn’t slave to Midi Clock.
I know.

But I am fixing to do a LOT of MIDI-Synced recordings… and I obviously want to build a Tempo track that matches the external realtime Midi Clock data.

I can’t find any way for Cubase to do this.
I am about to build a little drum-machine that just outputs Midi Quarter Notes based on incoming clock… record that in Cubase alongside all the material… then use the Derive Tempo function to make a tempo track… . which I think will work, though it is cumbersome.

Is this the most elegant way? I am a bit surprised there is no native way to do this… so I thought I would ask. Maybe there is a plugin? I find nothing great on searching / digging the manual.

Is anyone doing this smarter? Is this function supported on newer versions of Cubase (I would upgrade for THAT)


Cubase Pro 9