Tempo track graphical issue on C.7.5

Hi there,

Sometimes , the display of the tempo track gets all weird. See this picture :

(to be precise, the tempo map gets all “squeezed” on the bottom of the frame , and it’s not possible to see the tempo map accurately anymore, even if I try to make the track bigger )

This also happens on Cubase 6.5 .

This is a serious issue because its very helpful to see the tempo map while being in the
arrangement window.

I’m on OSX 10.8 ,so I can’t talk for the PC-users.

This bug happens often for me, so it’s not too difficult to reproduce. Though I cant write you
a detailed process to reproduce it, it just happens after a while in a somewhat big session.
All the time I had a videotrack opened, so maybe this only happens with video track activated?

Thanks for reporting this to cubase developers team.

If you click on the Visible Tempo Lower Limit (60 in your gif) and adjust it downwards does it fix the display?

It doesn’t scale automatically afaik. I just keep mine at 1.

My hero !!
Thanks Steve.

So it was that simple…
Cubase should stop hiding things :wink:

When I’m bored I hover the mouse over elements to see the pop-up help tags, or browse through the key commands to find features. I need to get out more, that’s for sure! :laughing: :blush: