Tempo Track: Grid Precision When Insert New Node

Hi dear comunity.

I’m with Snap turned On. And I want to insert new node exactly on the grid to change the tempo. Always the node is inserted out of the grid, so i have to make a BIG zoom and drag the node to the grid. Am I missing something? Thank you!


How is the Grid setup on your side, please?

It works as expected on my side. I add the node and in the Info Line, I can see the exact value, which is X.1.1.0.

Thanks Martin, here is like this :

Do you use any additional command when inserting the node? like alt, or ctrl, ?


I can’t see anything wrong.

Did you use the Draw tool or did you just click to the line? I use the Draw tool.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable Preferences], please?

Oh man, that’s what I was missing. I was not using the draw tool. I always used the normal select tool.

Using the normal select tool when put the cursor over the tempo track it becomes a little pen, so I assumed it was right doing that already. But it doesn’t magnet to the grid.

I’m going to use the draw tool from now on. Thank you!!


Hold down Alt modifier, when the Object Selection tool is selected. You get the Draw tool too.

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Holding Alt is even better. Thanks man!

It works perfectly, it was just me that didn’t know how to use the tool and the modifier.