Tempo Track havoc

Hello All,
This was my first time (believe it or not) after 3 years of trying to use the tempo track to increase the realism of playback. I’ve run into two issues:
1.) As I have written a piece in double-note notation (ie- cut time), one of my markings is half note = 176. It seems that the tempo track is hell-bent on displaying quarter notes, so when I get to this spot in the score, the tempo track goes up out of view and I cannot click on it or correct it. It doesn’t allow me to scroll up or down like the other piano rolls, and as you can see, half note = 176 is quarter note = 352… the tempo track only goes up to 250. Muy problemo.

2.) the much bigger issue: for some reason, now that there are manual tempo markings in the playback panel, all of my tempo markings that were supposed to be in the score have disappeared. You can see in the attached screenshot that I was trying to put a little human rall at a cadence point and there are a series of flags, and the tempo marking that used to be beneath my rehearsal mark is gone and the rehearsal mark has now sunk down into the stave because it was bounding off of the (now missing) tempo mark.

What is going on? Thank God I saved a PDF and printed 15 copies before I tried this.
Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 3.58.43 PM.png

Well, it seems Number 2 resolved itself by switching views. My tempo markings are back now. Weird. (Thank God!)

See this earlier thread.

Thanks, Daniel. I missed that thread since it was titled “automation track”. I searched for the wrong term. Suffice it to say, and I’m sure you’ve already seen this coming, I hope we will have alternate resolutions in the future.