Tempo track import only time signatures shown, no tempo changes at all

In Nuendo 12 Is anyone else having problems with importing/exporting tempo track?
File>Import>Tempo track is only bringing up the time signature changes. None of the tempo changes are showing at all that were exported from another project. Is the feature broken?

Note: this is also the case with importing as a track from another project. No tempo changes come in from the tempo track, but if I import the signature track, it shows the info (though meaningless without the tempo track changes they relate to).

Thanks for any insights.


It works for me here. Both Tempo Track and the Signature Track becomes imported after the File > Import > Tempo Track.

Thanks for the response, I’ll check again in case I missed something before turning in a ticket

You might not be aware of the fact that the tempo-track has a dedicated zoom-feature which defines both the lowest and highest displayed tempo. It is only accessible when the track is selected and can be only changed (to my best knowledge) by grabbing one of the two numbers shown there:


… caught me more than once myself … 8-P