Tempo track import

I’m trying to import a tempo track from Cubase. The project has a couple of marker tracks. I’ve exported it as a midi file and then imported as a tempo track in Dorico, but the markers are all missing, and the flow ends after the final tempo change (not the final marker). Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Can you zip up and attach the MIDI tempo track here, so we can take a look at it?

There is a setting in Cubase (in the Preferences I think) that controls what gets exported in a midi file, so ensure that is set to include markers

Zipped midi file attached. It’s only 35 bars long in Cubase, but the last time signature change is at 23 bars. Only 23 bars show up in Dorico, and none of the markers. Thanks for your help!
Tempo track.midi.zip (623 Bytes)

I think the problem is that the markers are empty, i.e. they have no text. Try adding a label to the markers in Cubase, then export the tempo track again, and you should find that Dorico imports them all correctly.

Thanks, that seems to have sorted it!

Now that the markers are visible there is another problem though: if the tempo track is imported into the first (or only) flow then there’s no problem. But if it is a subsequent flow then the markers appear off-set by a number of bars. For example, in the current project if I import the tempo track into the 2nd flow then the marker that I’ve put at bar 1 appears at bar 25. Not a massive issue (it’s easy enough to move the flow I’m using to the front before importing the tempo track) but a bit odd.

I may not understand your situation clearly, but would you be able to import the tempo track into one flow and then split the flow in Dorico?

Do you have a SMPTE timecode offset that isn’t zero?

Hi Matt!
Did you ever sort out the issue with markers being placed in offset positions, related to which Flow it is being imported to? My markers are fine in Flow 1, but moves further ahead in subsequent flows!
Of course, one can import them as system text, which works, but that is not always so useful…
Cheers, H

I never worked it out, just starting using separate projects with a single flow in each and then it’s fine

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