tempo track invisibility of any nodes

Hi there.

I can’t seem to see any node information in the tempo track, even though I write changes and Cubase’s tempo changes accordingly during playback. I just have no indication of where the changes are because I can’t see them.


Yeah you should just be able to see the nodes.

Only thing I can think of is if you select the Tempo Track, on the right of the Track’s controls there are 2 numbers that show the range of tempos which are displayed. I think it defaults to 60-180 bpm. If your actual tempo data is outside that range it won’t be visible. But you can set those values to whatever you like.

hmm no it’s not that… This is what I’m seeing. Looks glitchy and weird.

To me that looks like you can see the nodes (the little squares) but not the lines between them.

Check your colors in Preferences. Maybe the line & background colors are set the same?


This was just the subject of another thread - I think a resolution was identified (or at least an explanation of why it was happening):


thanks guys, yeah it looks like a graphic interface glitch in 9.5