Tempo Track issue

My current project is at 68 bpm. When I import an audio file that is at the same 68 BPM I noticed the tempo is being read by 120 which is the default. if I move the tempo track to 68 BPM, a few of the other tracks in my project get moved on the project screen.
can I lock those tracks to not move when I make the tempo track adjustment?

Alan Russell


Switch the track’s time-base from the Musical to the Linear, please.

I switched it to Linear in preferences which was already the default

let me be more exact. I understand that cubase has to be the master and when using the Yamaha Genos Arrangers Keyboard cubase is triggering the genos incoming audio not at the right tempo. I tried to match up the Genos Tempo in the Tempo track but that doesn’t work.

Ok here is the solution: if you are going to use the Yamaha Genos to set the tempo of your project because of its facilities to include the piano bass and style, you MUST set the tempo track in Cubase 12 Pro to the Genos original BPM.
Once this is done and you have recorded the Genos AUDIO Track you could then move on to the other tracks having the tempo track remain at 68 BPM as in my case.

**another suggestion is to reboot cubase 12 professional and to reset midi in Genos before you start a new project.

Alan Russell


If the devices are not synced, then the tempo of Gernos has nothing to do with tempo of Cubase. Even if you set the same value, it doesn’t mean, they are exactly the same and in sync.

You have to really sync the devices, set Cubase as master and Genos as slave. Then changing the tempo on the master wins and set the slave accordingly.

Thank you Martin that does sound reasonable

thanks again Martin I didn’t realize I had to stretch the project tracks down to see the musical to linear icon which worked out absolutely perfect.
Alan Russell