Tempo track loses time sigs with Superior Drummer 2

Hi all. First time post for me but as I’m also a software developer, I’m pretty sure this one is a bug, but I’ll mark it as “Is this a BUG?” :slight_smile:
I have already used Superior Drummer 2 in another project and it was fine, but it had constant tempo and Time Signature.
My current project has various Time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 4/4 etc.) and some Tempo changes. I recorded my MIDI data by playing on my Kurzweil after setting up all the Time Signature change positions and listening to the Click track as I recorded to guide me. So far all is well.
Then I created the Virtual Instrument for SD2 and picked my drum part, used the drag & Drop into the project window, and it created a MIDI track for me. I didn’t notice any change in the RULER at this stage but it may have changed at this point. Subsequently, I added more SD2 MIDI parts, then noticed that all my work in setting up the Time Sigs had gone “crazy”. I even ended up with 1/4 in places. Ctrl Z removed the dropped MIDI part but the ruler stayed in it’s crazy state.
I entered (and editted) Time signatures via the Transport Bar (TEMPO highlighted and “TRACK” visible) after positioning the cursor at the correct bar using the ruler. Then dropped in another Drum MIDI part and Whammo, screwed again and no way back.
I can set up a very detailed account on how to reproduce this but before I go to that trouble, maybe a moderator can answer me if this problem is known and already fixed.

I’m using Cubase 5.5.2.
PC running XP with MR816csx and CC121, but as this is a virtual instrument, I cannot see that hardware has anything to do with it.

I have also used GA3 in another project and that worked ok, but again, it was constant tempo and Time Sig.
I haven’t tried reproducing this with GA3 yet, coz I don’t want to get bogged down into proving this problem if it’s already been fixed.

P.S. I’m in Brisbane at the moment and the floods have wrecked my Email server that I registered with. I’d like to change it to BillyJay@bjch.net so I get a quick response, otherwise I’m doubly screwed as I won’t be able to see your wisdom that will help me, then REMOVE this line please (Mr. Moderator :slight_smile:

Just a shot bin the dark: Is “ignore Mastertrack events on merge” enabled in the MIDI import options…?

Yes, “Ignore Master Track Events on Merge” is checked.

I might play with the other options there on MIDI-MIDI File Import Options in the Preferences dialog to see if I can fix the problem. Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve played and played around with this using a new project and I can’t duplicate the problem. Very ANNOYING.

When I reported the problem, the Ruler changed significantly as soon as I dragged & dropped a MIDI part into the Project window from SD2. Why the Ruler gets refreshed after dropping in a MIDI part I have no idea. I’m not aware of any MIDI commands to alter Time Sigs or Tempo, but there you go. It happened.

I will still make some more tests using the original cpr file that still has the problem, but the Title of this report maybe needs to be changed, because “something else” must have happened prior to my dragging & dropping in the SD MIDI part, so I’ve reported a secondary symptom of “something else”.

If Steinberg need the corrupted cpr file I’ll send it through.

Meanwhile, I’ll see if deleting the Tempo Track and rebuilding it fixes the problem.

I do remember that originally, I made many edits to the Tempo Track (particularly Time Sigs) as I kept getting it wrong. Now I know where all the Time Sig changes are so I don’t have to alter positions, is maybe causing the real problem to stay hidden.

Anyway, for now, if anyone is getting carried away with this report, maybe you should drop it until I know for sure that I can dupliacte it.


Sometimes time signature events can become stacked at the beginning of the piece, in which case you will need to do as you have done and rewrite the signature track from scratch.

Or fix it in the list editor