Tempo track odd behaviour


I haven’t spotted this noted anywhere - apologies if it’s known

Go to Tempo track (Control + T)
Note: Tempo track on, metronome icon lit
Highlight a handle on tempo line
Try to type into tempo box = reverts to previous tempo

Switch OFF tempo track, now you can type in a new BPM, but when switching tempo track back on, the new BPM is forgotten.

Tempo can be set by dragging handles on display line - but this is more fiddly. I am pretty sure this worked in C4. Has there been a change in behaviour I have missed, or has this gone buggy?


ps EDIT It works correctly in the info line, but not in the top toolbar

That is normal.
In Cubase 6, the Tempo Track Editor window now has its own Info Line, where you enter a value for the currently-selected tempo node or time signature. (this works the same as in the Info Line in the main Project window, when you have a Tempo track or/and Time Signature track activated there.)
The “old” Tempo box in the Tempo Track Editor is merely an indicator of the current tempo (same as in the Transport Bar), but can still be used to set the tempo in “Fixed” mode (also same as in the Transport Bar).

Thanks Vic,

Ah, I understand what you’re saying, although I find the labelling a bit misleading. Maybe ‘tempo at cursor’ would be clearer?

Also jumping from C4 I can see why my habitual behaviour of setting in the top bar can no longer apply. I’ll leave the info bar visible and set nodes from there from now on…Simples!


(even though it has been like this since Cubase 5.1, it still bites me from time to time… old habits die hard! :smiley: )