Tempo Track Parts


Tempo Track Parts

in addition to the Tempo Editor, I’d like to suggest that Tempo can also be handled with Parts.

data on the Tempo Track would appear as Parts and therefore can be cut, copied and pasted in the same way Midi and Audio Parts can.

perhaps these Parts can be linked/‘followed’ to Midi Parts and Audio Parts, in the same way Automation follows Audio Parts.
when Parts are moved to areas with existing Tempo data, the user could be prompted to override one or the other.

this would come in very handy for just about any Song with more than 1 Tempo.
not sure if this already exists in Cubase, cannot find it in the manual.



in addition, the Tempo Track would be located at the top of the Track list, so Tempo can be adjusted per section without the need to scroll to the Tempo Track.

btw I requested these features 20+ years ago.

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You can select a range of tempo events in the tempo editor and copy and paste them - same project or different project, both work just fine. I do this all the time.

my suggestion aims to facilitate Tempo edits faster and easier than fiddling with the editor.

imagine if you had to copy Automation every time you moved an Audio Part. very tedious.


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I need this option frequently. I frequently move sections of songs around, sometimes I forget to move associated tempo changes (which in itself is a pain). The only alternative is to is the arranger track but neither solution is quick and easy as tempo parts would be. Why was this not part of the tempo track a long time ago? Also if each part could have it’s own tempo changes that would be great too. As it is, we are limited to only one tempo track.

+1. Tempo editing as something that’s long struck me as fiddly. Parts, that allow automation and transposition etc, which can be saved to a Pool for use in different projects would make this much more useful.

Well, if SB consents to implement tempo track parts, then they should also allow double clicking them to open the tempo editor. For that matter, double clicking on the tempo track itself should do that, IMO.

I was about to make the same feature-request, but it appears that there’s no need for it because if the tempo track is inside a folder, a “part” will be created when a new tempo change (a point) is added.

tempo track part

You don’t need Parts to do this, it can be done by Grouping the Tempo Events.

  1. Select the Tempo Events - this can be tricky since the Select Tool turns into the Pencil when you hover over the Tempo Track. So make sure the Tempo Track is next to an empty Track and start the selection there.
  2. Use Edit>Group to group (duh) them.
  3. Now if you drag one of the Tempo Events the rest will follow
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