Tempo track problem with 8.5


Please help!

I am trying to match the tempo of a MIDI track I have created with some existing audio. The audio is at the correct tempo. In Cubase 8, it was easy. I would open the Tempo Track, drag the little white square tempo point up or down to vary the tempo of my MIDI, and the line indicating the playhead position would move left or right, depending on whether I was making it faster or slower. So for example, if bar 2 of the audio was starting later than bar 2 of my MIDI track, I would stop the playhead at bar 2 of the audio, move the tempo marker in bar 1 down (slowing my MIDI track) until the playhead indicator lined up on bar 2. In other words, the playhead indicator line would move as the tempos were altered. Now, in Cubase 8.5, the playhead indicator line stays in a fixed position, making it impossible to achieve correct tempos. There are many fluctuations in tempo during this piece of audio!
It may be that I need to change a setting, but I don’t know where I would find this!

I hope someone can help soon.




There is hight probability, your MIDI Track is in the Musical Timebase (orange Note is shown in the track controls). Change it to the time linear Timebase. Now it should work as you expected.


All my tracks had the orange note - I changed them to linear but no change…



Just for info: The use case has been solved by the Warp Grid (musical events follow) tool.