Tempo Track question - [RESOLVED]

So when editing the tempo track, you add a point wherever you want to change the tempo, yes. That works fine. But when you try to TYPE IN the tempo of that point you just created (at the top of the Tempo Track editor) it doesn’t jump to that tempo! The only way to move the point is with the mouse, which on smaller screens and or track pads is really annoying! I’d rather just type it in and know that it’s exactly that tempo.

Plus, the BPM display on the actual editor is VERY light and hard to see behind my light background.

I can make a video if it would help.

This is not a bug. You are attempting to change the tempo in the wrong field.

The second from the left check box at the top of the Tempo window has to be On/Lit. That will reveal the “Show Info” line. That is where you change the Tempo of a point.

Hope that helps. I feel compelled to mention that this info is in the manual. You may want to edit the title of this thread. :wink:

Thank You!