Tempo track question

I have a song with a variable tempo. The tempo track is perfect, but I just want to temporarily slow the whole thing down to record a tough part. Is there a way to do this without losing my tempo events?

Do you need to hear existing audio (as opposed to MIDI only) while slowed down? (if so, read further down).
If not, and if you don’t actually need the tempo variations (while slowed down), then just switch the Tempo field in the Transport Bar, from “Track” to “Fixed” (and choose a tempo that suits you). You can of course then switch back to your original Tempo Track when finished :wink:.
Otherwise (if you need to hear existing audio), you’ll need to perform a few operations…
For each Audio Clip, you’ll need to use Audio menu>Advanced, “Set Definition from Tempo”, and make sure that all audio events are set to Musical Mode in the Audio Pool. Also, make sure that all tracks are set to Musical Timebase (that little yellow “clock” icon in the Inspector and/or TrackList).
You can now either do as described above (i.e. set a new “fixed” slower tempo) or, create a duplicate Version for the Tempo Track, then go into the Tempo Track Editor window, click on the “Process Tempo” button, and adjust the New Range End time (or Length… actually easier :wink: ) to suit. You can see the resulting Tempo scaling at the bottom-left of the window (I really do wish that we could simply edit the percentage there, without having to worry about those other settings, but anyways :wink:…). You might need to “Undo” a couple of times before you are happy with the result.
When you have finished recording this slowed-down section, if it is Audio, then you’ll need to “Set Definition from Tempo” (the slowed-down one :wink: ) for that recording (making sure it, too, is in Musical Mode).
You should now be able to switch back to the original Version of the Tempo Track.
(it’s actually easier than it reads :wink: )

Wow. That a lot more involved than I though. I need to hear audio. Would be nice if you could just put audio tracks in musical mode and just scale the tempo track faster or slower while keeping the relative tempo events

You are not alone :wink: