Tempo Track Ramping Problems


I have a two-bar ramp in the tempo track going from 124 bpm to 150 bpm and any MIDI I have holding during that ramp gets all distorted like the tempo-increase is trying to speed up the MIDI. Is there something I need to turn on or off or to do a different way to avoid this? I’ve tried setting all the MIDI tracks playing to “time base” thinking that might work, though it did not.

I really appreciate the help.


Maybe the Chase Filters in Prefs?

Thanks for the help Mashedmitten, unfortunately the Chase Filters didn’t work. I unselected all of them and it still did it.

Strange, putting the track in Time Linear rather than Musical mode should have prevented this. What if you rendered it to audio?

Do you think every track needs to be in linear time, regardless if it’s playing or not?

I haven’t tried bouncing down to audio yet. I didn’t want to have to do that as I’m still working on that section of my project. Besides, I don’t want to have to bounce down to audio every time I make a tempo ramp.

Tracks that you don’t want to follow tempo changes have to be in Linear Mode. You mentioned a held note(s). It’s not a tail, right?

No, the held notes aren’t tails. They are just suspend strings and stuff that are holding through the tempo accel. I’m running these samples in VE Pro 64-bit on the same computer, if that helps.

The work-around I’ve done in the meantime is to draw in a bunch of “jumped” tempos. Unfortunately, the ramp isn’t a nice, smooth one.