Tempo track record from external midi sequencer

Hello! I’m recording from my old Yamaha QX3 arrangements to Cubase 7. You can record, in real time, changes in tempo in the tempo track in Cubase? I have read in the manual that Cubase can not be slave midi, but there is some alternative formula? Thank you!

This is not the forum to put this in! Put things in the right place, then there’s a chance that a) you’ll get your question answered and b) people who are reporting repeatable bugs with repros will get them confirmed. :imp:

""to report an issue with Cubase, please start a new topic in the Cubase 7 | Cubase Artist 7 ‹ Collected Issues ‹ Issue Reports subforum. If an issue is confirmed and applies to the below mentioned report rules, we will move the posting in the Cubase 7 | Cubase Artist 7 ‹ Collected Issues forum… “”

I apologize for my poor English, but I understand that I can ask for problems with Cubase 7 problems on this forum …

When they say issue, they mean something broken, malfunctioning.

Your question is about how Cubase works, so folks who might help you out might not see it here.

That said, have a look at the Project Synchronization Setup. Sorry I don’t know what your language is.

Ok, understood. Thanks for your answer. I move the post to Miscellaneous. By the way, my language is Spanish. Thanks again