Tempo track record from external midi sequencer

Hello! I’m recording from my old Yamaha QX3 arrangements to Cubase 7. You can record, in real time, changes in tempo in the tempo track in Cubase? I have read in the manual that Cubase can not be slave midi, but there is some alternative formula? Thank you!

Depends which version you have (maybe), but you can slave to Midi Time Code but not Midi Clocks (which is simply a ticking beat). However, MTC doesn’t transfer the tempo, simply makes Cb follow the time code. You could however get your sequencer to send an extra beat at the beginning of each bar and then use this beat to generate a tempo map (using perhaps midi taps to tempo, or redraw using time-warp). I’d give that a go.


Thanks for your answer, Mike. I’ll try the option you propose, and will comment the results …